Supporting Meditation

February 5th

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  • $5
  • $5
Room: Meditation Hall

Supporting Meditation:  an ongoing discussion

How do I bring meditation into my daily activities?   What does it mean to be gentle in meditation?  What is Basic Goodness and is it relevant to the way I live life?  How to work with recurring painful "stories" or memories that come up while I practice?

Please join us to discuss these and other questions at our bi-weekly meditation support group meetings.  We’ll do brief exercises and have lively discussions that clarify the different aspects of meditation as presented by Shambhala. 

We'll talk about the benefits we've experienced from meditation,  toss around the difficulties we have, and share some tricks we've learned to help us stay inspired and to keep our practice moving forward.   While the group is not meant to replace your connection with a personal meditation instructor, you’ll find that many “personal” concerns are experienced by others and that it is helpful to air them out in a supportive group.

Please come and share your wisdom and energy with us. We meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The group is open to all who have received meditation instruction from a Shambhala Instructor or Guide.   If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact Ryu at [email protected]

We suggest a donation of $5 to attend.  However, if that seems like too much, you are welcome to contribute whatever you feel is appropriate (or nothing at all).