Exploring Foundational Buddhist Teachings - Class Three

December 9th - Date postponed or cancelled

During this nine-month (one live session monthly) in-depth, hybrid course on foundational Buddhist teachings, Khenpo Gawang will guide participants through his book, Your Mind Is Your Teacher. This is strongly recommended for new students but will be offe Continue »

Saturday and the Three Jewels: Dharma and Practice- Together

December 16th

Saturday Sits is a monthly morning class for those of us who find it easier to come to a meditation center to support our mindfulness practices in community than to figure them out alone. Continue »

Open Sitting with Compassionate Action by Pema Chödrön

December 26th—December 30th

As a sangha we will be holding space to allow for an in-person 5 day retreat, or extended sitting.  Offering up to 4 hours of open sitting mornings and afternoons on Tuesday December 26th thru Friday December 30th 2023. Continue »