Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless

Please join us in preparing, serving and sharing a meal with the guests at the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless.  A heart-warming opportunity, this is a great way to get out and recognize the “basic goodness” of all, while bringing our vision into action in a very concrete way.


Once a month.

  • lunches on the 1st Friday of every other month
  • dinners on the first Sunday of the alternate month


Upcoming (subsequent dates will follow this pattern):

  • Friday lunch: June 2nd
  • Sunday dinner: July 2nd
  • Friday lunch: August 4th
  • Sunday dinner: Septemeber 3rd
  • Friday lunch: October 6th
  • Sunday dinner: November 5th


What Time?

Lunches are served at Noon; Dinners are served at 5:30 pm.  Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance, particularly if you will need to heat your item, or if you will need to cut it into serve-able portions.

Do We Go on Our Own or Meet at the Center?

  • On Fridays we will be caravanning from the Center just after the book study group, at around 11:15.
  • You are welcome to drop food off at the Center for someone else to take for you, if you cannot make this time.
  • Or you can meet us at the Shelter a bit before noon, or drop food off at the Shelter, clearly marked.


What Do We Bring?

These meals will be pot-luck style (at least for now); the residents like a variety of foods to choose from.

How Do We Sign Up?

Please use the following link to sign-up by carefully entering your name and food donation in the row containing the appropriate date. Don’t forget to add you contact details in the participant list near the bottom of the sign-up sheet! Click here for the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless Meal Sign-up Sheet!

How Many People Need to Sign-up for Each Meal?

As long as we have enough food to feed the guests and volunteers, we need a minimum of 3 to serve and join the guests in eating.  The Shelter suggests a maximum of 10 volunteers at each meal.

Are There Other Roles to Fill?

Yes.  We will need three volunteers to heat any food that needs it, to cut any food that has not been portioned, and to serve the food; please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the meal.

Up to 7 others can help bring food in to the serving spot and get plates for guests in wheelchairs.  All are welcome to eat with the guests.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share, connect, hear the guests’ stories, and answer any questions they may have about Shambhala or meditation. Several shelter guests have expressed interest in joining our meditation sessions.  This is a wonderful opportunity for outreach.  And a wonderful service to offer those who are in crisis.

The guests are expected to do clean-up.  You are welcome to take any left-overs home, or leave them for later meals.

How Long Will It Take?

Typically, the meal is served and completed in about 45 minutes.

Can We Bring Food and Prepare a Meal Together?

Yes.  This would be great.  If you would like to coordinate with others to do this, please use the sign-up sheets to converse and plan.

How Many Are We Cooking For?

The Shelter asks us to cook for 30 guests, plus ourselves (they suggest having 3- 10 volunteers for each meal); usually, there are far fewer guests than this, so if you are short on food, do not worry.

Location of the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless?

Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless
176 Sheridan Ave.
Albany, NY  12210

Click here to view Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless location on Google Maps or get directions!