What is the Heart of Recovery?

Attachment-1You may have noticed Heart of Recovery on the Center schedule Monday evening at 7:00 PM. What is the Heart of Recovery? Who is it for?

The Heart of Recovery is a meditation and discussion group bringing together Shambhala Buddhist meditation practice with our individual paths of recovery from compulsive thoughts and behaviors. Meetings are anonymous and confidential and explore the relationship of addictions and recovery to our personal paths as warriors, Bodhisattvas, and meditation practitioners.

This group is open to anyone who is interested in exploring how the paths of meditation and path of recovery intersect. No meditation experience is necessary. Brief meditation instruction is given at the start of the meeting.

We welcome all individuals who are committed to working with their addictive and compulsive behaviors. While many discussions will make reference to the 12 steps, it is not a 12 step group and there is no requirement to be involved in any 12 step groups.

So join us, any Monday at 7:00 PM: Click here for Heart of Recovery Meeting Information.

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