Community Events

Mindful Singing - Joining Mindfulness and Song

with Damian Ubriaco

December 18th

Mindfulness brings us into the fullness of the moment. Singing infuses our being with vibrant energy. Imagine the possibilities when we bring these two activities together! Continue »

Learn to Meditate

January 8th (2020)

Join us for group instruction in sitting meditation practice and an introduction to the Shambhala Center. Continue »

Learn to Meditate - Weekend Edition

with Mr. Ryu Yoshida

January 12th (2020)

Weekend version of Learn to Meditate class. Continue »

Radical Dharma: Talking Love, Race, and Liberation - Book Group and Discussion

with Elissa Kane

February 13th—March 12th (2020)

Join us as we explore Rev. angel Kyodo Williams' engaging book on the role dharma can play in liberation - particularly in connection to race and love. Continue »

Shambhala Day 2020 - Year of the Iron Mouse

February 23rd (2020)

Celebrate the lunar New Year with practice, a worldwide virtual gathering, food and community! Continue »

Milarepa Day

March 8th (2020)

Celebrate the enlightenment and life of example of Milarepa reading the songs of the lineage fathers in The Rain of Wisdom (Tib: Kagy├╝ Gurtso). Continue »