Sunday Healing Service - The Awakened Essence (online)

May 5th

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Room: Meditation Hall

This program will begin promptly at 10 am.  Please arrive a few minutes early to make sure that you get in. 

What do we do when bad things happen to decent people – to family, friends, co-workers, pets?  When  illness, accident, break-ups, getting old and so on, mess up the lives of those we care for?  What do we do when we have no real control over others' situations?

And regarding the bigger picture – crime, war, shootings, pandemics, climate change ... political polarization that turns friends and family against each other.  How can we fix things when everything seems so big and complicated, so far beyond our reach?

The Buddhist answer for the past 2600 years has been,  start with your own mind.  We may not be able to fix the world but we can work with our own minds and emotions so as to not worsen the mess, create more problems because of our pain.  We can touch into the innate wisdom, wholeness and caring that is who we truly are and allow that to heal us.   Having done so, we can then extend that innate warmth and goodness to others.

On Sunday mornings we come together (in Zoom) for an hour of guided meditations aimed at connecting with the wholeness and healing present in our hearts.  We do a bit of Buddhist chanting to add some power to the mix.  And as a final step we work with sending-and- taking practice to send healing out to those who are suffering from illness, accident or personal tragedies;  or due to war, oppression and hatred.   When we change our minds we change our world

After the first hour, for those who choose to stay, we have a discussion (about half-an-hour) on whatever came up earlier.  Please join us.  When we change our hearts, we change our world.   Use the following link to enter our Zoom session on Sunday morning:

The healing service  is led by Ryu Yoshida, meditation instructor and  long time student of Buddhism and Buddhist practice.