Weekly After Work De-stressing Session

November 2nd

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  • $5
  • $10 Enriching
Room: Meditation Hall

If you could use a little assist with the stress and pressure that often comes with the daily nine-to-five ...  deadlines, workload, meetings, difficult people ... Zoom with us on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30.  We will lead guided meditations aimed at releasing stress and providing simple off-the-cushion techniques that help you to stay centered throughout the day.

The essence of this practice involves using an awareness of breathing and other bodily sensations to get in touch with the here and now ...  to inhabit this present moment instead of being stuck in the past or consumed by worry over the future.  By being right here-right now, we synchronize body and mind.  Our muscles, thoughts and emotions begin to unclench.  Life energy begins to flow as intended.  Stress and anxiety release.

During the first half-hour you are coached through simple steps that deepen body awareness.  From this, we move effortlessly into meditation.  We find relaxation and clarity without "trying to make my mind blank" or "trying to shut off my thoughts."   After 30 minutes, we take a very short break during which participants may leave if they wish.

The second half-hour picks up where the first one left off.  We go deeper into the present moment by staying with awareness of breathing and body.  As we meditate,  uncomfortable or distracting thoughts and emotions may sometimes arise.   There is guidance on how to work with that.  We also dip into simple techniques useful in releasing stress while performing daily activities.

After the session ends, we will stay around awhile to answer any questions you might have, listen to any observations you wish to share, or to talk about the techniques we used.   While this program is only being offered via Zoom at present, we hope to offer it both in-person and virtually, in the near future.  In the meantime, use the following Zoom link to get into the session:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89907996844?pwd=eXQ4dnNiN05jcjE1ZEcxNGJONjQ1UT09

To make our programs accessible to everyone, we have a “pay what you can afford”  policy.  If the suggested fee is an obstacle, please decide what works for you and offer what you can.  For those who can give more, we invite you to do so in order to cover the costs for those who pay less.