The First Noble Truth: Meeting Suffering with Maitri

with Acharya Fleet Maull, Susan Chapman, Elizabeth Peterson, Jeff Fennell

July 13th

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NOTE: This offering is from our friends at Pioneer Valley. Please use this link to register for this course. Let them know you are virtually visiting from the Albany Center.

The suffering of samsaric existence is the blameless First Noble Truth. Such suffering is changing and impermanent, and arises from infinite causes and conditions. It feels intensely personal (mine), and, in fact, is one of the bases we use to craft our identity (me and my problems), which is called “mistaking what has no self for a self”. This desynchronized state generates constant underlying fear and anxiety. When we recognize the reality of our existence as it truly is (impermanent, suffering, not mine, and without self-entity), we can experience the peace of nirvana. As we continually turn toward this truth of suffering with curiosity and an open heart, we begin to set foot on the noble path of Awakening.

In this first course entitled The First Noble Truth: Meeting Suffering with Maitri, Acharya Susan Chapman and Acharya Fleet Maull will guide an exploration of the nature of suffering from the perspective of the Four Marks of Existence--Impermanence (anicca), Suffering (dukkha), Selflessness (anatta) and Nirvana/Peace (nibbana)--and how we can meet suffering with maitri (unconditional friendliness). They will also guide students in the exploration and practice of Mindfulness of Body, the first of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

These guided explorations are offered as prerecorded talks that each participant will have access to through Each Tuesday the group will meet over Zoom with PVSC facilitators Jeff Fennell and Elizabeth Pererson to review material, practice the topics in depth, and share in conversation and reflection. Both attending the Tuesday class and working with the material at home are required for this course.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites to register other than a commitment to practice with the materials provided each week outside of class.

Additional Materials: Participants are strongly encouraged to purchase The Path of Individual Liberation: The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, Volume One.

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