Mindful Singing - Joining Mindfulness and Song

with Damian Ubriaco

December 18th

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  • $15 Enriching
  • $10 Sustaining
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Room: Meditation Hall

For anyone who wishes to join mindfulness and song...

This 1.5 hour gathering will include singing in unison, in parts, rounds and vocal warm-ups. We will also mix in mindfulness practice and guided vocal exploration.

Singing prompts the body to release endorphins, tones up the muscles in the torso, benefits heart, lungs and circulation, helps free up emotions, and creates a strong sense of community. It’s also a great gateway into different cultures:  we will sing music from many countries and centuries.

Whatever your relationship with singing might be, our gatherings will be a safe and accepting place to explore your voice.

Each meeting is its own event, so you can come when your schedule allows.