Coming to Our Senses: Mindfulness and Playfulness in Everyday Art

with Steve Clorfeine

October 5th

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Room: Meditation Hall
Coming to Our Senses:  Mindfulness and Playfulness in Everyday Art

  workshop with Steve Clorfeine

The workshop focuses on ways of being present through our sense perceptions, particularly seeing and feeling.  How do we engage with ‘things as they are’ rather than how we think or imagine them to be?  Often we approach situations with our own agenda and expectations, but we have a choice: we can also meet the world as it shows itself. We can be receptive to situations and people as they actually are and experience contact that feels natural, lively and full.
We’ll practice space awareness and theater exercises introduced by Trungpa Rinpoche as well as improvisations in movement, sound, imagery, and art-making.  The workshop is open to all.  Please wear comfortable clothing.

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