Meditation and the Creative Mind: Coming to Our Senses

with Ellen Rook

May 2nd—May 23rd

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Room: Meditation Hall

Meditation is not just about mindfulness. It’s also seeing things as they truly are, developing clarity and manifesting our vision. Through a series of class exercises you will learn how our perceptions inform and, at times, fail us. Discover a path to genuine spontaneity and unselfconscious expression in this four-week course that offers both meditation and meditation-in-action exercises such as collage, journaling, free-form poetry, and object arranging, all designed to help you better connect to the presence of things, the world, and yourself.

This class goes to the very heart of art-making and viewing, by showing how meditation benefits both the creative and viewing processes. No prerequisite. Completion of this course fulfills the requirements of Shambhala Art Part I: Coming to Our Senses and Part II: Seeing Things As They Are.