Supporting Meditation

February 19th

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  • $5

Supporting Meditation:  an ongoing discussion.

Do you ever have difficulty in keeping up a regular meditation practice?  Do you sometimes forget why you want to meditate in the first place?

Or perhaps you have questions about how to bring meditation off the cushion and into your daily life.  Do you wonder about Basic Goodness and its relationship to meditation?     

What if there were a place you could go to find more inspiration to do the practice?  Somewhere that you can share your questions and concerns about meditation with like-minded folks. 

If any of these strike a chord, please join us for Supporting Meditation.  In this gathering, we will share the ups and downs of the shamatha meditation technique taught by Shambhala.  We’ll start with a short period of meditation  followed by open discussion on the above and related topics.

This program is not meant to replace one’s connection with a personal meditation instructor.  We won’t be giving advice on personal  questions about meditation technique.  However, you will probably find that many “personal” concerns you have about your practice are shared by others as well.  And it can be helpful to talk about them in a supportive group.

The discussion will be led by one of our meditation Guides or Instructors.  It is meant to provide ongoing support for students at all levels of practice, from beginners to old hands.  This group is open to all who have received meditation instruction from a qualified Shambhala Instructor or Guide. 

We suggest a donation of $5 to attend.  However, if that seems like too much, you are welcome to contribute whatever you feel is appropriate (or nothing at all).