How To Be A Better Ally

October 29th (2017)

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  • $50 Patron Fee
  • $40 Program Fee
Room: Meditation Hall

This workshop is for white people who see racism against people of
color as a real problem that needs to be addressed, and who want to
learn how to become more effective allies.
We will be exploring fresh perspectives on what kinds of communication
practices help open people's minds and hearts. You will have hands-on
opportunities to practice dialogic tools, to uplevel your communication
skills, and to explore how you can tailor these tools to your own specific
contexts. This workshop will also include an online follow-up session,
where participants can reflect on what they have been learning from
their practice.
You can access more information about the White Ally Toolkit project at

Dr. David Campt is nationally renowned in the areas of civic
engagement, dialogue and deliberation, and collaborative decision-
making. He teaches strategies for changing attitudes, behavior, and
group culture through dialogue. David is the founder of White Ally
Toolkit, a project that has engaged thousands of people on-line and in
person to help them become more effective allies against racism. A
specialist in race relations, equity and inclusion, he has worked on
behalf of the White House, international peacemaking organizations,
Fortune 500 corporations, and numerous non-profit groups. His passion
is building the capacity of individuals, communities, and organizations to
catalyze change by engaging in courageous dialogue.