Mindful Kayaking Retreat

with Roger Guest

June 16th—June 18th (2017)

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  • $130 Patron Fee
  • $110 Program Fee
Room: See program description for location
Mindful Kayaking Retreat at Lake Desolation (near Saratoga Springs)
Human beings share a cellular kinship with water. Watery noise is particularly soothing, perhaps because it calls forth unconscious memories of aqueous origins. In any case, when we listen to a waterfall or to waves stirring a gravel beach, an intangible intimacy with nature is aroused and such sounds can be a beautiful portal into a more awakened state.
I see lakes as living shrine rooms and kayaking as a practice of meditation. A kayak is essentially a floating meditation cushion upon which mind simultaneously settles and expands. A still lake amplifies the fragility and sacredness of life and the nowness of phenomenal existence. Every reflection serves as a reminder of appearance-emptiness.
Please join us for this weekend of exploring the depths of mind amid the wonders of nature. 

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Roger Guest is a seasoned meditator in the Vajrayana Buddhist and Shambhala lineages. He has been leading Silent Kayaking Retreats for over 5 years and has been teaching meditation since 1976. He is the author of The Tender Heart of Sadness,  a book of reflections on the Spiritual Warriorship tradition of Shambhala.